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King Air Rebuild

It’s not every day that one gets the opportunity to work on a complete King Air Rebuild. Nor is it every day that you see a wingless King Air 90 transported down Las Vegas Blvd. The trip from McCarran to Apex Aviation at Henderson Executive Airport was just the first small step on a several-month-long road to recovery.


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Apex Aviation Covid-19 Response

COVID-19 is having a major impact around the world and in our communities.   Certain industries, such as aviation maintenance, could be particularly vulnerable.  Aviation maintenance employees work relatively close to each other throughout the day performing various tasks. Apex Aviation's leadership has put together a plan during this crisis.
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Aircraft Technicians and the Pandemic

As an aircraft maintenance worker, you could be exposed to COVID-19 in situations such as when you have close contact with someone with COVID-19 or when you touch surfaces while repairing aircraft interiors and lavatories. Apex Aviation has posted these NEED TO KNOW facts in hope that we can educate our employees the proper guidelines to staying COVID-19 free.

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